Who we are
Dr. Constantinos Grivas,
MSc DMgmt

Dr. Constantinos Grivas holds the position of Professor of Marketing at UGSM-Monarch Business School Switzerland. He holds a Doctor of Management degree from UGSM-Monarch. He also holds an MBA from Royal Holloway at the University of London as well as a B.Sc. in International and European Economic Studies from Athens University of Economics and Business – A Center of Excellence funded by the Jean Monnet fund. He is also presently a DBA candidate at the Grenoble / Newcastle joint DBA program.
In 1996, he became a member of The Economic Chamber of Greece. He then went on to become a lecturer at The Cyprus Academy of Public Administration. As a lecturer, he teaches on topics such as: the Monetary Union, EU Trade Policy and European Funding. Upon the completion of his M.B.A., Mr. Grivas returned to Greece and joined the trading department of ABN AMRO Greece specializing in derivatives strategy. A year later, he moved to Cyprus and soon became the General Manager of Pro-choice Investments, a Cyprus Stock Exchange listed financial Group. During that time, he authored articles in every financial newspaper and magazine in Cyprus. In 2003, Mr. Grivas published his first book on ‘European Union Funds and Its Methodology’. Between 2004 and 2008, Professor Grivas trained numerous highly ranked public officers from different European countries. He is one of ten lecturers chosen by the European Committee to create an e-learning portal to train public administration officers all over Europe.

Marios Kambouris,
PhD, FACMG Medical & Molecular Genetics Chief Scientific Officer, Gonidio LTD a.
Associate professor, Department of Genetics, Yale University School of Medicine, USA

Dr. Kambouris has a twenty years post-doctoral experience & expertise in Genetics, Genomics & Biotechnology both in scientific planning and business development.He co-founded Gonidio LTD offering Predictive Genomics and DNA Diagnostic Services. Dr. Kambouris also co-founded Gene Couture LTD formulating and producing NutraCeuticals & CosmeCeuticals based on Predictive Genomics DNA Profiling. Currently he also holds the position of director at the department of molecular genetics at Shafallah Medical Genetics center in Doha, Qatar. He has been jointly responsible for the formulation of the scientific plan and for negotiating the formation of a Genomics company on behalf of the Research Center of King Faisal Hospital (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia) with British Aerospace Systems (part of an offset program) and Merlin Ventures (a UK based Venture Capitalist Company).
In Clinical Genetics he has extensive experience, in examining, diagnosing, risk assessing, counseling and managing patients with a multitude of genetic disorders, congenital malformations, dysmorphia & mental retardation in Genetics clinics, in-patient consultations, field clinics, Growth clinics (skeletal dysplasias & growth abnormalities) and Neurology clinics (neurogenetic disorders) at Henry Ford Hospital (Detroit, MI, USA), Children's Hospital of Michigan (Detroit, MI, USA) and Riley Hospital for Children (Indianapolis, IN, USA). Also he has extendedly worked in risk assessing and Genetic counseling for high-risk pregnancy patients in Prenatal Diagnosis clinics at Indiana University and Wishard Memorial Hospitals (Indianapolis, IN, USA).
In DNA Diagnostics, Dr. Kambouris established and directed the Molecular Genetics & DNA Diagnostics laboratory at King Faisal Hospital & Research Center for eight years (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia) where he expanded his experience in establishing, performing & interpreting DNA diagnostic testing, assessing and signing clinical and prenatal cases for hereditary diseases.
His Molecular Genetics research interest focused in mapping human disease genes and discovering novel pathogenic mutations in known genes. He has been involved in the localization and/or identification of more than ten novel human genes. In addition to mapping Mendelian disorders he was involved in utilization of populations with unique genetic characteristics for target gene discovery in polygenic multi-factorial disorders (Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. Dr. Kambouris has done extensive Predictive Genomics research for creating panels of variants associated with common poly-genic multi-factorial diseases and developing risk assigning algorithms for identification of at-risk individuals in the population for timely implementation of corrective action to delay or avoid disease onset.

Foteini Ntalouka,
MSc Medical Genetics
Scientific Officer

Foteini Ntalouka joined Gonidio LTD in 2009. She has studied Molecular Biology and Genetics at the Democritus University of Thrace in Alexandroupolis. After her graduation in 2006, she continued her studies at the University of Glasgow (United Kingdom), from which she graduated with the MSc degree in Medical Genetics, awarded with Distinction. She has worked in the past at the Stem-Cell Bank of the Greek National Institute of Research. Currently apart from the position she holds in Gonidio LTD as a Scientific Officer, she is studying Holistic Nutrition at the NHS group of Human Alternative Sciences. Foteini has worked extensively –under the guidance of Dr. Marios Kambouris - in the field of Predictive Genomics for creating panels of genetic variants associated with common poly-genic multi-factorial diseases and risk assigning for identification of at-risk individuals in the population.