Research & Development

Swiss Nutraceuticals is a high-end group that collaborates in research and development (R&D) with major pioneering group member companies. We aim to encourage researchers to work together on innovative projects in strategically important areas of science from which successful new products can emerge, contributing to human well-being.

Most of Swiss Nutraceuticals R&D is based on Predictive Genomics and “4P” Medicine (Predictive-Preventive-Personalized-Participatory Medicine).

Swiss Nutraceuticals products are manufactured based on the two following rules:

The 500 Dalton Rule: Our skin is the shield of our body preventing any ingredient from being absorbed. In the 19th century a famous physician called Dalton discovered that only small molecules can be absorbed from the skin (epidermis). The molecular weight of a substance is measured in Dalton and only ingredients that have a molecular weight less  < 500Dalton can be absorbed and be effective.

Lipinski’s rule of five: defines if the ingredient that is taken orally has the appropriate chemical charecteristics in order to be absorbed by our body and release the right quantity of the active ingredient to the right organ/s in our body.

Collaborating with an International team of scientists -based on the most recent scientific evidence- provide with information on how genes and common variations in DNA (called polymorphisms) affect every aspect of life: susceptibility to common, yet serious health conditions, obesity, aging and sports performance. Special attention is given in Nutrigenomics and how food constituents could either help individuals enhance genetic advantages or overcome genetic barriers.

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