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Slim Ventre
Flat and worked out tummy within an hour!
The new revolutionary Gel for Tummy Flattening!

Slim Ventre Gel

Slim Ventre Tummy Flattening Gel is an awarded and unique clinicaly tested product.It combines instant slimming results with no effort!

Results within the first hour:

- Decrease up to 3cm waist

- Muscle activation

- Toned tummy muscles

- Skin Elasticity increase

100% Natural Product without Parabens


Application 1 to 2 times per day

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Key Benefits

The results are bluffing: lose up to 3 cm in just one hour without exercise and without even wearing a jacket, it is proof that Slim Ventre offers a unique formula! This concentrated gel will not only remove fat but also stop the formation of new reserves, if you extend the application of minimum 20 days.

Only 20 days! The results are there, the tests prove effectiveness.

Key Active Ingredients

Hydroxycitrate magnesium (exclusive PCT patent FR 96 13096, Europe.

PCT 030 78108.2, USA U.S. -6,221,901) natural product isolated from the fruit of Garcinia cambogia whose functions are heating the application site and to facilitate the disposal. 

Piperita, Rosmarinus officinalis and Thymus vulgaris (used in India after childbirth) to obtain instant results, tone muscles and therefore reduce the waistline. Azadirachta indica: Extract from the bark of this tree, known in India, it helps to instantly improve the elasticity and firmness of the skin.

Key ingredients for long-term effects:

bark of the tree "tépescohuit" known since Pimex gas accident in Mexico City as a miracle plant to improve elasticity, timulate cell growth and improve the skin condition in a very short time.

Regenerate the skin (72% of cell membranes) and keep a young and beautiful skin. Unfortunately seven out of 10 people lack omega 3 as the only source of omega 3 is fish oil. Despite their undeniable qualities omega 3 have never been used in cosmetics because of the fishy smell that emanates and rapid oxidation. Our laboratory is the first laboratory in the world to introduce Omega 3 gel in the belly.

Preparation of 3 essential oils Mentha Mimosa tenuiflora: Extract from the Omega 3: Omega 3 are needed to Caffeine: localized heating effects.