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Gonidio/DNA Tests

Gonidio/DNA Tests


Obesity Management & Nutragenomics

Personalized – Predictive – Preventive

Overcome your genetic barriers for permanent weight loss! Identify whether you need appetite-suppressant medication to deal with obesity and permanently lose weight! Our genes play a key role in the regulation of our body weight. Although we cannot change our genetic profile, we can identify the genetic causes of obesity and deal with them in the most efficient and scientific way! Define your genetic needs to manage and prevent obesity!


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Key Benefits


≈100 genes are tested

Identify your Genetic needs to manage and prevent Obesity

Identify if you need appetite-suppressant medication to manage obesity and lose weight.

Identify your genetic needs for nutrition and exercise.


Key Active Ingredients

Sampling of your genetic material (DNA) is painless, lasts for a few minutes and does not require a blood sample. It involves taking cells from the inside of your cheek with a specially sterilized buccal swab. At our Molecular Genetics laboratory, your DNA is isolated and then analyzed for detection of mutations. You have full discretion over your personal data; a unique code number is assigned to your sample during testing so that the only person who knows your results is you. When we have completed the analysis of your sample and delivered your results, your genetic material is completely destroyed.


DNA: Our Genetic “Blueprint”


Our genetic material defines every aspect of our life, right from the definition of our physical features to our “gifts”, our disadvantages and our susceptibility to disease. Although more than 99% of human DNA is identical among all people, it is the remaining 1% that makes us each unique. These tiny differences are called mutations and define our differences with other people.

Mutations in our genetic material define very aspect of our life. They make us unique, give us special abilities and advantages, but also create barriers and cause increased susceptibility to diseases compared to general population. 


What do we test for?


This test detects mutations in certain genes which affect our susceptibility to weight gain and consequently to obesity. Also it detects mutations in genes that control nutrient (food) metabolism and your susceptibility to diseases, affecting not only your body weight but also your general health. “The tendency we may have in gaining excessive weight is defined by our DNA, which is unique!”


What can you learn from your results?


If you have an increased risk of obesity, in order to take the appropriate preventive measures according to your genetic profile.

How your genes affect your feeding behavior and consequently your appetite, in order to use the appropriate appetite-suppressants and achieve loss of excessive weight. How your genes affect the lipolysis process (fat burning), in order to manage your risk of obesity more efficiently with the appropriate physical exercise. How much your risk for obesity is increased due to genes which affect your inflammatory processes. How your genes affect your metabolism, in order to properly adjust your diet to your personal nutritional needs.


How can you benefit from this information?


You will know your personal genetic profile relating to the cause of excessive weight gain, so that you can take appropriate measures and achieve efficient weight loss and maintain a normal body weight. 


You will also find out : whether it is necessary for you to use appetite-suppressant medication for an efficient and permanent weight loss. You will know your genetic need for “proper” nutrition in order to adapt your nutritional habits regarding the amount and the type of food you consume. You will know your Genetic need for physical exercise, in order to maintain a healthy and permanent body weight.


Value Added Services


We can provide:

A Personalized Nutritional Consultation and Diet plan for obesity management, with a calorie restriction diet that does not put your health in danger.

A Personalized Nutritional Consultation and Diet plan for optimal health, according to your personal daily needs.

Personalized Cosmetics & Nutritional Supplements

Your genetic profile can be used to provide you with personalized nutritional supplements and a personalized line of cosmetics which are:


 100% organic based on the results of your DNA test produced to satisfy the specific needs of your body Necessary in your daily routine for weight loss and general wellbeing “Maintaining a normal body weight and maintaining optimal health is a long-standing process that requires the active participation of the individual and the faithful adjustment to the proposed corrective actions for the rest of his/her life.”


Genes tested relate to :


Feeding Behaviour & Energy Balance


Obesity & Inflammation

Reward Deficiency Syndrome (“Snacking Between Meals”) / Feedback Response Mechanism


Lipid metabolism

Folic acid metabolism

Iron absorption & storage

Inflammatory response



Salt Sensitive Hypertension

Alcohol metabolism

Caffeine metabolism

Lactose tolerance

Gluten tolerance