Swiss Nutraceuticals Group of Companies is a trading organization based in Zug, Switzerland,  enjoying a leading position and prominent status in the healthcare markets in Greece and Cyprus though its subsidiaries(Swiss Nutraceuticals pc/ C.GR. Bionaturel Ltd). In recent years, the company has expanded its activities in Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Taiwan and Australia. The company's origin is traced back to 2000 when it started as a nutritional supplements importer in Nicosia, Cyprus. 

Since then it has expanded rapidly in the neutraceutical field as well as in all other sectors of the healthcare market. Today,  Swiss Nutraceuticals  enjoys the reputation of a forward-thinking, progressive organization offering a complete range of products and services to its customers. Swiss Nutraceuticals maintains a strong, active presence in the market and contributes to the advancement and improvement of healthcare standards.  
The Group's activities  focus on the production, importation, marketing, sale, distribution and scientific support of an extensive range of healthcare products in the following sectors: neutraceuticals, natural cosmetics, stemcell research cosmetics and hair implants, DNA predictive genomics tests(380 genes & SNPs), nutrigenetics, cosmetics for beauty salons and spas. The members of the Group include: C.GR. Bionaturel (est 2000), Bionaturel (Australia) Pty (est. 2007), Genecouture Ltd(est. 2008), Umapuri® International Ltd (est. 2008) and Gonidio® Ltd DNA predictive genomics tests (est. 2009). 

Swiss Nutraceuticals Group is a dynamic, modern and progressive organization with a leading position in most major specialized fields of private and public healthcare. The Group is the exclusive distributor of reputable and internationally known European firms which supply innovative, unique and cost-effective products.

The Group is expanding its activities in the European, Middle East and Austrasia countries

with the objective of becoming a global healthcare force.


Bionaturel’s (former Swiss Nutraceuticals company name) Highly Concentrated Green Tea Extract was nominated “Best Slimming Product” by academic and clinical researchers in Berlin in 2007.


Since 2005, Swiss Nutraceuticals innovative products are often nominated in various international scientific conferences.


The pioneering combination of pharmacology and cosmetology for the creation of certified, science based natural health products, capable of alleviating both the external and internal beauty of today’s demanding consumer.

Our Philosophy

Swiss Nutraceuticals  is an innovative company that specializes in the field of science based natural dietary supplements and cosmetics. It is the only Greek company to be approved by scientific and research organizations worldwide. Swiss Nutraceuticals was first to globally introduce a series of innovative well-being and health care products. Swiss Nutraceuticals produces pioneering high quality natural products in compliance to the strictest international standards: ALL Swiss Nutraceutical products are made of organic and biological active ingredients certified by the French organization ECOCERT.


Swiss Nutraceuticals collaborates with recognized research and development centers. Swiss Nutraceuticals laboratories and production factories are based in France and are certified with the International Certificate of Quality GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). Swiss Nutraceuticals exports innovative products to several markets internationally, including: Cyprus, Greece, Denmark, Iceland, Hungary, Australia, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


All Swiss Nutraceutical products are supported by clinical studies carried out by independent laboratories proving their effectiveness. All Swiss Nutraceutical products are certified and approved by the Ministries of Health in all countries in which the company operates.


Our products are a combination of traditional and western medicine supported by clinical studies. We utilize traditional ingredients and create new innovative and effective formulas.


We only use organic and biologically cultivated raw materials in order to ensure the effectiveness and safety of our products.


Botanical ingredients can lose up to 72% of their benefits if they are not extracted within six days of harvesting. Our revolutionary process of distillation allows our products to maximize and fully exploit the ingredients’ natural pharmaceutical attributes.


We do not use harmful chemicals or synthetic components such as mineral oils, parabens, etc, which are still widely used by renowned companies.


All Swiss Nutraceutical products are created based the following awarded and universally accepted rules :


The 500 Dalton rule for the skin penetration which means that all cosmetics, cosmeceuticals have molecular weight (MW) of under 500 Dalton to allow skin absorption.


Lipinski's rule of five also known as the Pfizer's rule of five or simply the Rule of five (RO5) is a rule of thumb to

determine if a compound with a certain pharmacological or biological activity has properties that would make it

a likely orally active ingredient in humans.