Bionaturel Products is a line totally affiliated to Swiss Nutraceuticals. Our liquid form, highly concentrated extracts allow 98% absorption of the active ingredients as opposed to capsules and pills that have an absorption rate of up to 30%, making Swiss Nutraceuticals products safe and exceptionally effective.


Our health scientists have selected only the purest and highest quality natural ingredients to maximize effectiveness for our capsules. Our personalized formulas propose complete supplement solutions in daily packs that combine the optimal assortment of vitamins, nutrients and natural extracts tailored to individual profiles or objectives. Bioavailablity and safety are the two superior qualities that are guaranteed in all of our supplements and cosmetics. 

The Natural Pharmacy
Highly Concentrated Green Tea with Lemon

Boost your metabolism and

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We create a test product,
validate the formula by pharmasists,
in order to put it on the market.